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Beetbox X BETA5 Collaboration Vegan Chocolate Bar

We have teamed up with BETA5 to launch a limited-edition, plant-based chocolate bar called ‘Eat Your Veggies!’

Blending 66-per-cent dark chocolate and beet chocolate with crunchy beet, carrot and parsnip chips, the Eat Your Veggies! bar is sweet-meets-savoury. 

The bar can be ordered on its own or as part of a BeetBox Pantry Pack that includes three of the restaurant's new Beetbox Basics vegan condiment line — one 8oz Vegan 'Mayo', a choice of a 16oz jar of either Sweet & Sour or Spicy Pickles and a package of a dozen 'Bac-un' Slices. The Pantry Pack is available for $28 for pickup from BeetBox, with delivery to be added in the coming days.

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